P*ssy Melter Pedal Is Reviewed By Fluff; See What He Thinks Of It

Fluff, Rest, Repose guitarist and music YouTuber, tested the P*ssy Melter Pedal. See what he thought about it:

“I actually don’t know what this pedal does. I ordered it on principle: A) to support Steel Panther and B) because I thought the whole TonePrint controversy was a little ridiculous.”

“But, I don’t actually know if this is a distortion or an overdrive or a time-based thing because I believe the original TonePrint from TC Electronic called the P*ssy Melter was for a delay, so I’m actually not sure what this is, and nowhere on the pre-order does it say what exactly it is, which I think was on purpose.”

He checked the manual and confirmed that it is a distortion pedal, Fluff said:

“Dirty controls the bitchiness of the sound. Nerds and prog rockers call it ‘gain.’ Load: how much do you want? Turn it up to get more. The Moist/Gushing switch: sometimes you just got to ease it in or sometimes you want a raw-dog like a jackhammer. Booty: you like more junk in the trunk? Use this knob to bring up the bottom end.'”

He concluded:

“I would say I actually like the P*ssy Melter in the lower-gain settings. It’s very crunchy; it’s basically, kind of like [Marshall JCM] 800 in a box – that’s how I would describe its sound and feel.”

“I definitely think this would be a good distortion pedal to have on someone’s pedalboard to kind of boost the front end of your amp, or using it as a preamp in a more of a rock context… not metal, it’s too crunchy for super-tight, bone-crushing, eight-string metal.”

“But that’s not really what it’s for. It’s for ’80s-style rock music and they nailed it as far as that goes. All hilarious branding aside – cool pedal, I dig it.”

“I bought it during the pre-order, so I think it was $225-$250, something around there. It’s a cool pedal, I think they’re probably gonna be collector’s items at some point so yeah, I’ll keep mine in the box. It’s pretty cool.”

Watch the video here:

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