Psycho Toaster – Psycho Toaster

I’m definetely a guitar guy. I’m into this kind of music because of the guitars. I love the sound of a guitar screaming and crying and the way it bursts and destroys. That’s also another reason for reviewing other music styles as Blues and its relates, Jazz-rock, Heavy Rock and its relates. The guitars! The sound of the guitars! I guess there is nothing else in this sad, lonely, and pathetic planet that warms my heart the most than a guitar solo. You see that I’m telling in advance what I liked the most in this Psycho Toaster album besides the name. Yeah, I find it curious because what in hell would be a psycho toaster?

Going deeper with the analysis of the album, I have to say that the Jim Morrison-ish vocals atracted me as well when I heard “The King” for the first time. I’m not aware if the band noticed the resemblance but I assure the fan there is. Guitars in “Psycho Toaster” are old school playing with lots of the wrodl famous blue notes and pentatonic scales. Just the way the experienced masters used to do. Note that I used the word experienced not old. Respect is not an overrated word. However, there are also room for more modern techniques as “Toasted” shows with the guitar squeaks that Zakk Wylde made famous. The album values a lot the overdriven guitars that give the tone in most of the interventions and songs with lots of creativity backgrounded by a very competent and heavy as hell rhythm section. “Running Away” starts with a disturbing guitar strumming and with a Sabbath-ish mood which soon is changed by a more fast-paced cadence. The good thing about the song is that those two moods bounce during the song. The deep and low-toned voice of vocalist Konstantin Gober give griff feeling to the album. As odd as it may seem his kind of voice is not that usual. High pitched ones are away more common. “Psycho Storm” gives even more the feeling of Jim Morrison is responsable for the vocals. The feeling only goes awya when the hard and heavy instrumentals come.

“Psycho Toaster” was fun to listen. Not only because of the guitars, but also because of the vocals, and, of course, the songs.

Psycho Toaster “Psycho Toaster” was independently released on March 13th.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Toasted
  3. Running Away
  4. Psycho Storm
  5. The King
  6. Liar
  7. Loss for a Lifetime
  8. Lights Out
  9. Going Insane

Watch “Toasted” official music video here: