PUDDLE OF MUDD Fails To Complete Yet Another Set


At a recent show in Doncaster, England, PUDDLE OF MUDD front man Wes Scantlin was apparently too drunk to perform. Prior to the beginning of the video you are about to see the rest of the band walked offstage while Wes flipped them off. You can hear the crowd screaming “F**k you Wes.” and “You are a disgrace.” while he sits onstage trying to talk into a dead mic. Maybe he could start a band with Kanye West and Axl Rose and name it THE FLAMING FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS. I like my beer but you won’t see me showing up for work too s**tfaced to do what I get paid to do or see me flipping my coworkers off while I pitch a little bitch fit. I have self respect and I respect the people I work with and for. This really is a disgrace. Watch the video below.