Putrid Yell – Consuming Aberration Review

Here we’ve got an album that is much better explained as the missing link between Hellhammer and Cannibal Corpse. According to what I’ve heard here it’s fair to say that I guess it’s more Hellhammer than Cannibal Corpse due to the low tuned guitars with lots of distortion and the harsher low vocals that sound as a Lemmy Killmister as Hellhammer’s used to like to sound sounded as well. Maybe, just maybe, it would be fair to say that Putrid Yell are an early Death Metal band as the thematic is very well resolved the same as the guitar solos which use lots effects as there used to be. The drumming in some tracks as “Through Death” reminds me a lot Destruction from the “Mad Butcher” era. By the way, now I remember, that to quote Destruction as a major influence is a pretty right choice.

I just love an album that is opened by a clear and direct guitar solo full of energy. That’s the way “The Search” welcomes my child of the night. Right there, it’s possible to get everything Putrid Yell have got which is the roots firmly on early Death Metal as aforementioned. Definitely, “The Search” could be in a Destruction album for instance from “Mad Butcher” era. Yeah, I know most people now consider Destruction a Thrash Metal band. However, when the album was released that line wasn’t really crossed. From that time the band revives the taste for the good old speed drumming and the full of rage guitars. That’s what “Desire of Death” delivers the fan. Some bands willingly opt for an Old School sonancy for many reasons. For Putrid Yell, my guess is that the youth rebellion and the taste for fast music is what attarcted them to this early Extreme Metal roots. Tracks as “Re-animator” prove me right, in a sense, of course. The rebel spirit of early Extreme Metal is really here.

Putrid Yell “Consuming Aberration” will be released on April 14th via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Search
  2. Consuming Aberration
  3. Desire of Death
  4. Re-Animator
  5. Forgotten Souls
  6. Charred Corpses
  7. Indescribable Evil Instinct
  8. Process Through Death
  9. Deadly Ashes
  10. Wrenching Putrid Yell

Watch “Indescribable Evil Instinct” official alive video here: