Pyramids on Mars – Echo Cosmic

a3190211130_10  I’m one of those people that’s able to listen to all sorts of s**t, but more often than not do I find myself not really enjoying experimental rock because I feel like bands accidentally trying too hard to make something different rather than something good. We can all relate to at least one example of that, yes? However, one band that I actually enjoy a little bit of experimental rock from is none other than Pyramids on Mars which, just by looking at the cover art, can be seen that they are going for something a little different like the rest. For this band it’s the instrumental theme and somewhat psychedelic feel that can be found throughout their music. With their brand new sophomore album, “Echo Cosmic”, the bar they set with their debut has been absolutely surpassed by miles as not only is this follow up far more entertaining it is also much more creative and intrinsic. The only thing that’s preventing me from really enjoying “Echo Cosmic” is the fact that for me the songs feel way too drawn out with most of them going well over five minutes long, which to me doesn’t do any of these songs justice, but that’s just me. Other than that, Pyramids on Mars only further show their excellent musicianship with “Echo Cosmic” as there are plenty of juicy riffs, excellent groove, and a background ambiance of keyboards that adds in that small psychedelic effect that I mentioned earlier which brings in just that little extra texture that makes the album far more enjoyable to me. This band is proof to me that experimental rock can still take leaps and bounds while still making good music, and not just with their first album but with this one as well and that says quite a lot about Pyramids on Mars for me. At this rate I’m positive this small band will have a gradual increase in the quality of their music, and I’m sure many others agree with me when I say that the next album from this guys will absolutely be something that is going to have to be heard, guaranteed.

You can purchase “Echo Cosmic” via iTunes here, and stream it on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Dream Division
  2. Battle for Rome
  3. Death Valley Driver
  4. Tribute
  5. Heaven’s Gate
  6. Sailing the Oceans of Neptune
  7. Spectre of Orion
  8. Order of the Freemasons
  9. Occam’s Razor
  10. Echo Cosmic