PYRE OF DESCENT And The ‘Peaks Of Eternal Light’

Terror From Hell Records is proud to present the first mini album of PYRE OF DESCENT! After a very promising debut demo released in March 2018, this Berlin-based obscure combo returns with a 4 song EP, “Peaks Of Eternal Light,” featuring 31 minutes of enigmatic grace paired with sorrowful tension.
By using hypnotic mellow arpeggios, beautiful solos, rough as well melancholic vocals and minimalist yet effective drumming, the band musically stands in a league of their own and has been able to put together a record which spans and instills a good range of emotions. PYRE OF DESCENT’s music is a mysterious journey in the soul’s inmost part that will makes you feel you’re walking on a desolate land surrounded by the thickest fog you’ve ever seen.

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