QUASRABORN’s Brand Of Intense Metal Reinforced By Melodic Vocals Grinds On In Their New Video ‘Bastion’

Serbian metal band QUASARBORN have just released “Bastion,” the second video off their upcoming album A Pill Hard to Swallow.

The idea behind the footage (filmed by Jovana Uzelac) was to recreate the atmoshpere often seen in 90s hip-hop and hardcore videos shot in Los Angeles and New York.

Editing duties remain within the band and are signed by Luka Matković and Marko Danilović Tihi.

QUASARBORN’s previous single “Atlas” was relesed in June, and the band plans to release several more music videos before the end of the year. The album release date is set to January 24th 2020.

Luka Matković comments: “‘Bastion’ is the first song ever we wrote jamming in the studio as a band. In the past, I would come up with riffing, vocals and basic rhythms, Tihi would come up with some drumming and arrangement ideas, and then Đorđe would add the “cherry at the top”. So, writing ‘Bastion’ was a very refreshing and eye-opening experience for me, and we’re going to write all future material like this. I feel it is much more lively, organic, and enables each one of us to express ourselves to the fullest while still remaining tightly connected as a band.

“The lyrics pretty much deal with growing up, growing thick skin and learning to deal with the world around us. Tom Angelripper of SODOM said in an interview: ‘You cannot change things, but you can scream it out.’ I’d say you cannot change things, but you can do your best to learn to swim in the ocean of sh*t and try to make life less miserable for yourself and the ones around you. It’s all about accepting responsibility and sort of “becoming your own father.”

A Pill Hard to Swallow tracklist:

1. Mamula
2. A Pill Hard to Swallow
3. Bastion
4. Identity Catharsis
5. Atlas
6. Nothing
7. Stalemate with Suicide
8. The Ascent
9. Clouds
10. The Humbling


Luka Matković – Vocals, Guitars, Producer
Marko Danilović Tihi – Drums, Artwork, Design
Milos Tomasović – Bass Guitar
Đorđe Luković – Guitars