Quayde Lahüe – Day Of The Oppressor

Quayde Lahüe are a band that go through an unsual path. The music Quayde Lahüe offer us is not quite usual these days as they go through what we would call a proto-metal sonority. But I guess that’s not quite accurate. Quayde Lahüe drank profusely in 1970s Metal bands like early Judas Priest and Scorpions. It was a time those bands bounced between an aggressive sonority and musical virtuosity, almost hitting progressive rock. But, for instance, first track “The Oppressor” is more kind of late 1970s Metal or, better, early NWOBHM. The 11 tracks of “Day Of The Oppressor” are somewhat inspired in those musical moments. What I can say for sure is that Quayde Lahüe “Day Of The Oppressor” is a real time travel. Moreover, Jenna Fitton’s voice make us travel to Suzy Quatro songs. I guess that this comparison fits a lot better to Quayde Lahüe, as it’s inevitable.

For Quayde Lahüe emotion comes first than musical technique and accuracy. Songs are full of melody and emotion, combinaing to song titles as “Symbol Of Love,” whose innocent guitar solos and duos create tons of emotional thrills. Again, singer Jenna Fitton’s voice calls the attention. She sings with passion added to a beautiful voice. In “Nightmare” she does it again, and with more emotion helped by a church organ sound that gives a more retro sonority.

Quayde Lahüe’s recriation of the early era of Metal is technically perfect. Instruments sound quite the same. Even the musical techniques are the same. Nobody goes far from it. “Just So You Know” is like if “The Runaways” were back. Jenna feels like Joan. We can also hear those rock’n’roll guitar riffs that almost went extinct. Quayde Lahüe has just added some boogie to modern Metal. No doubt that it’s a delight to hear Quayde Lahüe.

One must say that Quayde Lahüe “Day Of The Oppressor” is one more retro album as many others. I wouldn’t commit that mistake. As long as it’s  hard to stand out these days, maybe a travel to the glorious past of Metal is the solution. Metal can be as fun as Quayde Lahüe “Day Of The Oppressor” can be. And we must praise that. Moreover, Quayde Lahüe “Day Of The Oppressor” may be a point of entry to all those glorious bands of that time. If not, at least, Quayde Lahüe “Day Of The Oppressor” is a fun effort.

Track Listing:

  1. The Oppressor
  2. New Atomic Age
  3. Back To Reality
  4. Symbol Of Love
  5. Nightmare
  6. Just So You Know
  7. I Am Unworthy
  8. Love Wins
  9. Conquest
  10. Same Old Song
  11. Stray

Quayde Lahüe “Day Of The Oppressor” will leave the time machine on September 22nd via High Roller Records.

Watch the “Nightmare” official video here: