QUIET RIOT’s FRANKIE BANALI, Who Has Been Battling Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer, In Recovery After Suffering Stroke

Frankie Banali

QUIET RIOT drummer Frankie Banali is recovering at home after recently suffering a stroke.

Banali, who has been battling stage IV pancreatic cancer for the past 16 months, took to social media last night (August 14) to offer an update on his health, writing: “Update: I spent the last three weeks in the hospital. Home now. Had two blood transfusions. I also had a stroke while there. I am rehabbing at home. Thank you for your concern and well wishes.”

During an appearance on SiriusXM earlier this year, Banali said about his battle with cancer: “It really depends on any given cycle, whether things are going up or whether things are reducing. The situation that I’m in is not a sprint, really — it is the longest race I can possibly make out of my situation.

“So you have to be really, really careful how you read into some of these things, because something can look elevated, but then if you look at a scan — one of my internal scans — it’s not as bad as the numbers say. But it’s a deadly disease — there’s no question about it — and I know that that’s what eventually is gonna kill me. In the meantime, I’m just trying to put that day off as far back as I possibly can.”