Quis Deo – Defiled Creation Review

Two things about this Quis Deo and “Defiled Creation.” Well, First things first. It’s the third time I listen very closely and lots of attention to the album and I can’t tell what’s the band that I remind listening to it. Second, this album is pretty interesting. There are lots of plot twists and many other features that belong to many Metal styles. “Defiled Creation” defies even the experts like me – hahahahaha, expert – to a precise labeling. It’s intense and strong with many touches of NWOBHM and more modern features. I particularly liked very much the dirty and strong guitar tones which sometimes grit like hell. I guess Quis Deo may be the perfect match between Angel Witch and Tokyo Blade. The instrumentals are pretty much Tokyo Blade and, maybe, just maybe, the songwriting sounds familiar to Angel Witch. However, there are songs as “Before the Tyrant Throne” that go very far from any analysis having those bands as models. The track is fast and insane as early Thrash even though the vocals go from the harsh and hoarse in the beginning to something more Prog – the best explanation that I got – in the middle. In fact, vocals change a lot during all the track. Pretty Maids used to do something like this in the good old times. Pretty interesting to notice that the track has a  false ending. The fan may think the rack ended but it didn’t.  

Quis Deo were able to create a very creative album with lots of variation of mooding and tone and melody. It’s no overreaction that “Defiled Creation” goes through all variations as NWOBHM make it possible. Last, but not least, track “Screams of the Neverborn” has a classical acoustic guitar mixed with harsh guitars and the defying vocals. A highlight to the guitars of Joshua Larson that combine simple guitar phrases that have a strong and effective effect. Again their tone sparked my attention. It’s that kind of mix that I’ve talking about a few reviews ago. The kind that sound badly produced or poorly performed. Of course, even if the first is right, the second is very far from reality. Joshua Larson guitars do a terrific job here. That can be perceived from the beginning with “The Awakening” which delivers a combination of the power of Heavy Metal music and the finesse of Prog Rock. That’s a way of putting it. The fan will perceive that the final production and mix gave the guitars two layers. In fact, there’s only one guitarist, but Joshua Larson manages fill in all the spaces with his guitars. It wouldn’t be that wrong to say that what he does with the vocals – yeah, Joshua Larson does both – he does with the vocals. Second track “The Masquared” has some kind of Metallica influence in the main riffing and guitar solos sometimes sound a bit raw and unpolish. However, as I always say this kind of rawness just give it a more interesting approach. If my fan allows me, I have a suggestion. Go right to the fourth track “Destroyed Invincible” and pay close attention to the instrumentals. The combination of guitar pharsing, bass lines and the keaboards is a killer.

Never too late to mention that “Defiled Creation” is a concept album describing the slow collapse of the United States, consumed from within by the greed and corruption of its ruling class, and willfully enabled by the members of the religious institutions which should have been most outspoken in the defense of the weak. Wow, I really like that. A band with the right political agenda.

Quis Deo Defiled Creation” was independently released on December 25th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Awakening
  2. The Masquerade
  3. The Summons
  4. Destroyed Invincible
  5. Empire
  6. Harbinger of Suffering
  7. Wither
  8. Dogs of War
  9. Before the Tyrant Throne
  10. Screams of the Neverborn

Watch “The Awakening” official video here: