R.I.P. – Dead End Review

Here we got a band that brings something very interesting. R.I.P. “Dead End” is that album that has to be carefully enjoyed with all the time in the world even if in the beginning the fan doesn’t enjoy it a lot or it doesn’t sound too promising. That’s what I thought at first. But I gave “Dead End” one more try and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed at all.

At first, the fan may think “Oh, no! One more modern band that seems to like to play mallcore and thinks they’rte awesome because of that!” But never worry my dear child of the night. Wait until next track. What begins not so appealing turns out to be a wondrous trip around Metal styles with a strong punk accent – not at all tracks, I must say. Well, according to the press release R.I.P. are a Doom Metal (?!?) – well, I guess it won’t the first nor the last you’ll see me disaggree with the press release. The downtunning of the guitars here aren’t to hide them and make a sonic mass that no one understands what the guitars are doing. No, sir. The downtunning works for the sake of the heavyness and the mooding. Now wonder a Doom Metal driven track with a punk accent on vocals. That’s title track “Dead End” and I have to say that it pretty much does it presenting the ideia of Doom inspired track with the cadence and violence of punk. R.I.P. trips Metal styles free as a bird. I confess I have never seen a band that could do that with so flying colors and mastery. It’s wonderful when you finish a track and stops to wonder what the hell will come next. Not many can do that.

“Dead End” is a pack of surprises with musicians that aren’t show-offs and try to the eleventh hour to hide their abilities and prowess as they do it in the last track “Dead of the Night.” The guitar riffs and licks in “Judgement Night” prove otherwise, though. In fact, I got impressed by the quality tone and sound of the guitar. They’re strong and clear, a very difficult thing to achieve because the downtunning has the side effect sometimes of lowering the waves so much that they get impossible to hear if you downtune too much. But here works better than expected.

As I said, at first I wasn’t attracted to the band, but as soon as kept hearing all the album, R.I.P. got one mopre fan. “Dead End” is thick, “Dead End” is heavy as hell, “Dead End” is a great album.

P.S.: If you are a happy fan of Desolation Angels, you’ll love this album.

R.I.P. “Dead End” will be released on October 09th via RidingEasy Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Streets of Death
  2. Judgement Night
  3. Dead End
  4. Nightmare
  5. One Foot in the Grave
  6. Death Is Coming
  7. Moment of Silence
  8. Buried Alive
  9. Out of Time
  10. Dead of the Night

Watch “Dead End” official lyric video here: