R.O.T. – Revolution of Two

I just love bands that give me a hard time trying to figure them out. It’s a great mind game to try to box them into a label, but, as you may have noticed, I don’t do that. I don’t label because labels seem to be permanent and nothing in this sad and lonely planet is permanent. Everything is transitory, even us. Well, as a matter of fact, mostly us. At times, this struggle to find a way to name or label a band it’s because the band itself does that. That is the case of R.O.T. with “Revolution of Two.” The music R.O.T. do isn’t really complex, but puzzling due to variety of themes they found out to follow.

Take the two tracks in the roll, “After All” and “Diamond Souls,”which instrumental is a dirty Old School Heavy Metal, with very interesting guitar lines with an amazing tone. The thing gets ugly – as a matter of speaking –  when vocals comes out. They are gritty enough to be said to be extreme. The effect of this is fantastic, I have to agree. Following track, “Hyper Tyhmesia,” makes things even more difficult to label because instrumentals are even more old school, very near NWOBHM, but vocals are even more extreme. We could say R.O.T. are a Melodic Death Metal band, but they are too harsh. As a matter of fact, “Hyper Tyhmesia” is very near Melodeth at all. But “Revolution of Two” isn’t. And I just love this kind of trouble. I love bands that dare me.
To get things even more difficult to label, there are tracks as “The 4th Reactor” and “Aut – Aut” that have some generous dashes of Modern Metal, specially on vocal lines. Though instrumentlas are as neat as always have been. Loved the machine-gun drumming at the end.
“Revolution of Two” was a challenging album to review. To my joy…
R.O.T. “Revolution of Two” was released on July 28th via EFTM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. After All
  2. Diamond Souls
  3. Hyper Tyhmesia
  4. the 4th Factor
  5. Rebirth
  6. The Angel’s Cry
  7. Ethereal Dimension
  8. Apatite
  9. Aut -Aut