RadioKing – Redemption Review

Just the kind of album that give lots of mixed emotions. RadioKing made an edgy album to my taste. “Redemption” is on the edge of modern metal grip with some dashes of Hard Rock. Well, a great thing about the album is that it mixes a lot moods and sensations. That’s what made me give a go to listen all the album after its too much modern intro. Though some moods in the album are pretty modern, the guitar playing, more notabley, guitar solos are pretty traditional and great. Just listen to “Change” and give your opinion. The perfect match of emotion, feeling and technique.

It’s interesting how the album goes changing the mood throughout the songs. “Redemption” is a travel through time with sonancies that go from the 1970s to the 1990s mostly. I’ve got to tell you that it’s pretty hard to find an album with this level of sensiblity and commitment. The guitars solos are such an imense pleasure to listen to each note. Mark Stroface and Jimmy Adcock found the perfect link among emotion, feeling and technique which, by the way, is hard to find these days. Maybe a good way to define RadioKing with “Redemption” is the exact point where Bad Company meet Rage Against the Machine. It’s a mix of melody and emotion with some kind of rage. To tell you the truth, at the end of the day Bad Company win this battle for the heart of the fan. By the way, the twin guitars sometimes work as if it were an Iron Maiden or Judas Priest as in “Touch the Sun.”

“Redemption” opens up with the Rage Against the Machine oriented “Turn Away.” The track is hard and groovy as the band was in the 1990s. The taste of this song is pure in the 1990s and could be called Funk ‘o Metal – the very first bands were called this way – or Groove Metal as it is done nowadays. Then, with the fan introduced to this way of playing music RadioKing go mixing their influences and adding more Bad Company feeling to them. There are two 1970s oriented ballads in the album that mix emotions. “Colors Fade to Gray” is simply delicious. I mean, they start pretty slow and go getting more puch as they go by. RadioKing also mix acoustic theme with distorted guitars as in “Smoke” and the outcome is pretty bombastic, if you know what I mean. “Smoke” tastes pretty much like the 1990s. Again, the best thing in the album is the long guitar solo of “Follow Me.”

End of story, this album is great ad the fan that likes mixed emotions will be delighted.

RadioKing “Redemption” was released on July 04th via Warped Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Turn Away
  2. Used
  3. Sugarcoat
  4. Goodbye
  5. Death Dodger
  6. Change
  7. Touch the Sun
  8. Follow Me
  9. Smoke
  10. Color Fades to Gray
  11. Fake (2006 Demo)
  12. Too Much at Once (2006 Demo)
  13. Break Me Out (2006 Demo)
  14. For You (2006 Demo)

Watch “Colors Fade to Gray” official video here: