RAGE OF SAMEDI Sings Worldwide Deal With Argonauta Records

Photo by Andreas Bechtel

Italy’s rising label Argonauta Records has announced a new member to their ever growing roster and label family: RAGE OF SAMEDI have signed a worldwide deal with Argonauta Records and are set to release their third studio album in the Spring of 2019!

Says Gero, CEO of Argonauta Records: “I’m following the band since several years actually. I’ve been very impressed of how hard-working the guys are, doing a proper job by staying active all the time both with new stuff and live activity. When I had the chance to hear a bunch of new tunes, I exactly knew we had to do this new beast together. And I really can’t wait to share with you all their unique blend of Sludge Doom. It also looks like RAGE OF SAMEDI are the first band from Germany in our roster, so there’s twice as much to celebrate”.

The band comments: “We’re absolutely stoked to be part of the ARGONAUTA family! Being on the same label with so many bands we’re listening to is a real honor for us! Thanks Gero and the whole ARGONAUTA team for believing and trusting in us!!

“For us it is a big step in our process of development over the last 6 years. We’re in full progress of songwriting and the new album will be a milestone and a new definition for ourselves and the way we write our music. You’ll not be dissapointed.

Keep it LOW, SLOW, EVIL & HEAVY as FUCK!!!

RAGE OF SAMEDI is a German Doom and Sludge Metal band formed in 2012. Started as a project the founding members Sam D. Durango (guitars/backing vocals), Lou Cifer (vocals), Paul ‘Hate’McKay (bass) and Ian O’Field (drums) found out really fast, that they should do more out of it than just a project. Deeply influenced by Classic Doom bands of the 70s, early 80s to the modern Sludge scene, this band gives their own DOOM a very special touch.

Above time RAGE OF SAMEDI got support shows for bands like Karma To Burn, Crowbar, Dopethrone, Opium Lord, Witchsmeller Pursuivant, King Heavy, Iron Void, Lord Vicar, Three Eyes Left, Void Of Sleep, Toner Low, Mammoth Mammoth and played shows across many European countries. Latest they played the Malta Doom Fest 2017 and the famous Freak Valley Festival in 2018.

Always looking for new shows and festivals, RAGE OF SAMEDI are currently writing their third album. With Gero and his Argonauta Records the band found the perfectly matching label to release RAGE OF SAMEDI‘s upcoming record on Vinyl, planned for a release in Spring 2019!

Vocals: Lou Cifer
Guitar and Backing Vocals: Sam D. Durango
Guitar: Thor Steen
Bass: Nick ‘Scrios’ Perkele
Drums: Ian O’Field

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