Ramera – Anarquía y Destrucción Review

If I hadn’t read in the press release I would never believe this album is from a one-man band. Never, never, never. The wonders of modern technology. Mastermind, Ratman, did everything in the album from the vocals to the guitars, from the bass to the drums. Ah, and some occasional keyboards as in the intro of “Iglesia Ramera.” Impressive. really impressive. By the way, Ramera is the Spanish for whore. And Iglesia means church. I guess I don’t have to say what it all means. Do I? As my dear fan can see Ramera means business with the full of anger and wrath and criticism “Anarquía y Destrucción” as all Metal albums should be. The least required is to be cynic with everything that is going on this time around.

From all Metal subgenres, Thrash Metal along with Power Metal to me are a bit predictable. I mean, I guess even more than Power Metal because though I’ve reviewing some great Power Metal albums it’s been a while I don’t get a really good one. “Anarquía y Destrucción” is an exception to the rule. It’s an album that sweats energy and power. More importantly, a neat, great, production. All instruments, especially the guitars, have a great sound. It’s possible to hear everything perfectly well. That highlights any album. It makes possible the band to be heard and understood. Perfectly. I said perfectly. That’s really  agreat thing.

Though “Anarquía y Destrucción” follows the 1980s Thrash Metal style, this album is a breath of fresh air. Ok, the music in hear isn’t the most original my dear fan will ever find but the heart and soul and the energy it passes is tremendous. Something I value a lot in an album and in a band. Besides the social criticism agenda, of course. From all the bands I guess Ramera was inspired in I guess Overkill plays a great deal. “Bullet Rainfall” and “Reign of Doom (Forbidden Realm),” both in English, remind me a lot the band. I guess it’s because the crystal clear production.

I still find Thrash Metal a bit predictable, but “Anarquía y Destrucción” got me by the guts as it should always be. I appreciated a lot the power and energy.

Ramera “Anarquía y Destrucción” was released on March 18th via Ossuary Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Inquisición
  2. Aquelarre
  3. Iglesia Ramera
  4. Anarquía y destrucción
  5. Comandos de guerra
  6. Bullet Rainfall
  7. Reign of Doom (Forbidden Realm)

Watch “Anarquía y Destrucción” official lyric video here: