RAMERA Cry out for Some ‘Anarquía y Destrucción’

The album ‘Anarquía y Destrucción’ is the debut of Ramera, a one man band that emerged after the failure of many other attempts at music, but did not collapse the faith and love for dark and blasphemous metal. The album seeks to achieve a traditional and visceral sound that emphasizes the bands that I have followed since I was a teenager.
The process starts as an idea to create a band with strong influences of Hardcore punk and Thrash metal, but with dark tints that are influenced by social criticism and classic horror movies.
The songs were created in about eight months, in them we looked for a strong sound, sometimes fast, and other times looking more to achieve an atmosphere that evokes horror. As a result we achieved songs full of heavy, full of honesty and criticism. It is worth mentioning that all the songs were created on acoustic guitar and being a One Man Band, the other instruments such as drums and bass were composed on a laptop where the song and its lyrics were finally structured respectively.
The production of the album was executed by Santiago Gonzales and Andrei Fuentes at Epia Studios in Bogota, the mastering was executed by Janusz Grabowski from HiGain Studios in Poland and the artwork by the renowned artist Sub Human Illustrations in Medellin who managed to reflect this fascination for classic horror movies in the art and that fit properly in the concept of the album. The first single released from the album was “Reign of Doom” which had a collaboration with Morgul, singer of the band Tumulario from the city of Bogota, the album is diverse and has several moments also has some other collaborations.
One of the most important is the one made in the song “Comandos de guerra” with one of the most important band of the underground Hardocore Punk scene, from Latin America “Primer Régimen” whose drummer in turn was in charge of running the drums of “Anarquía y destrucción.”

There are many bands from different genres that have influenced me. Also, I consider myself a fan of metal music since I was a teenager. I could say that every song has an influence in its theme and concept some of the bands I reference are: Venom (‘Don’t burn the witch’), Slayer, Death (More exactly their first album, ‘Scream Bloody Gore’), Uncle Slam, Xentrix, Mortal Sin, Hellripper, Toxic Holocaust and some from my native country Colombia like: Primer Régimen, Muro, Witchtrap and Masacre.  I’m probably forgetting some, but in theory these are some of the bands that have always influenced my sound.

My stage name is Ratman, I chose that name because of the EP of the German thrash band Risk, as I always liked their artistic design and sound. I participated in several bands before as a bass player, but in none of them I felt that the other members tried hard enough and I decided to stay away from metal for a while.
After being inactive for a while due to the disappointment of playing in other thrash bands that didn’t work out, I decided to create songs and my own band on my own, although originally the idea of the band was to do punk, influenced by bands from my city like Primer Régimen, Final, Muro.

One day a friend from the neighborhood told me that she had an abandoned acoustic guitar in her house, as I had finished college and had no job and didn’t know what to do with my life, I decided to fix the guitar and that’s when it all started, I started to create songs and dedicate time to forget how hard it is to live in a country that doesn’t offer you many opportunities, I wanted to sound like all those bands I liked and I saw how ideas came to my head one after another .

On my laptop I created the guitar, bass and drums tracks in the program “guitar pro 5”; I decided to create 8 songs and just after getting a job I was working for a year and a half to save production costs and as I don’t have many metal friends I searched in the social networks for places where I could record and I discovered the music studio where the bands I liked to play Primer Régimen, Muro, Final, Tumbas, etc. Just at that moment we were in our forties and I decided to tell them the idea of the album, they agreed and I found out that one of the producers was the drummer of Primer Régimen (Santiago), he agreed to help me record the drums for the album and his partner Andréi recorded the guitars, I recorded the bass and vocals, in the end I decided to record only 7 songs.

At that moment I heard an album that drove me crazy, ‘Legion Antychrysta’ by Okrutnik and I wrote to the studio where they had mastered it in Poland called HiGain Studios and I was lucky enough to master the album with them, I released the album digitally through different youtube channels but definitely the one that had more effect was New Wave Of Old School Thrash Metal. The public seemed to like this first album and it received good comments, In Colombia many people still don’t know that I exist haha but I hope to be able to make myself known later. Until today I have never played live with Ramera, since I don’t have a band and I’m still alone, but in the future I hope to be able to do it and reach many other countries.

I am currently trying to promote the album in an independent and self-managed way through social networks,
In the future I hope to record new albums and I’m looking for a good band that wants to do a split with Ramera. I think I have a clearer idea of how I want to sound and I think I have discovered my sound. With the sale of some albums I hope to buy my first electric guitar, the bands that are now strongly influencing me for my future album are Wraith, Hellripper, Diabolic Night and Uada and I think I’m getting closer and closer to black metal and speed I hope to release new songs, productions and blasphemous metal loaded with hate and in Spanish, I’m glad that someone from the other side of the world can read this and is interested in all this way since 3 years ago where I work very hard to carry out the Ramera project.

Band lineup:
Ratman – vocals, lyrics, music, guitars, bass, drums.

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