RAMMSTEIN’s ‘Casting Director’ Banned From Band’s Further Concerts As All Pre-Show Parties Have Been Cancelled Amid Allegations

Rammstein Live

RAMMSTEIN‘s four-night residency at Munich’s Olympic Stadium has been marred by allegations made against the band, including that young female fans were “cast” to have sex with lead singer Till Lindemann during and after shows.

As a result, concert promoter cancelled after-parties and a “row zero” experience, as Rammstein tightened security. German politicians have demanded better protection for fans, particularly women, following claims of sexual assault against Lindemann. These allegations have divided fans of the band, and while there are calls for the band’s tour dates to be canceled, there is currently no legal grounds to do so.

The scandal erupted after a young Irish woman posted on social media that she had been drugged and propositioned by Lindemann at a backstage party in Vilnius, resulting in several women accusing Lindemann of grooming and sexually assaulting them at after-show parties.

“Young people in particular must be better protected from assault,” Families Minister Lisa Paus told AFP.

Paus has urged for the implementation of safeguarded zones for women during concerts and the formation of awareness teams to handle suspected cases of sexual assault. She has also demanded the discontinuation of RAMMSTEIN‘s “Row Zero” system, which caters to a select group of fans (mostly female) and includes access to an after-concert party. Paus emphasized the importance of promptly and effectively discussing new protective measures and initiating a serious discussion regarding the accountability of artists and promoters towards their fans.

Upcoming RAMMSTEIN concerts have been overshadowed by the allegations, causing a split among fans. However, many emphasize the significance of “Unschuldsvermutung,” which is the presumption of innocence.

“In my opinion, they are innocent until proven guilty,” one male RAMMSTEIN fan said. “There will always be a woman or a man, a person, who attacks a music group or another person in order to promote themselves.”

According to a recent poll by Bild, most individuals demand that Rammstein’s remaining European tour performances be called off until the allegations of abuse against the band’s frontman are dealt with.

According to a report by German newspaper Die Welt, Alena Makeeva, a Russian woman who was accused of recruiting young women for sexual activities with Till Lindemann has been barred from attending any future concerts of the band. Makeeva, who referred to herself as RAMMSTEIN‘s “casting director,” had been employed by the band since 2019.