Rampart – WWII: Memories for the Future Review

When one thinks of the World War II in terms of music the first that comes to mind is Iron Maiden’s “Aces High” the classic of the classics. It’s impossible the NWOBHM or even the metaller not to remind of Iron Maiden. Of course , there are other features that picture the theme with the same bright and shine, but Iron Maiden’s “Aces High” is impecable. Sometimes a song about a theme is so good that it ruins the theme for the others. That’s it.

There are a lot influences that draw the line here in “WWII: Memories for the Future” which make the album a cauldron of Heavy Metal sonancies. Vocals remember a lot the great Minoru Niihara of the formidable Loudness – do you know Loudness, my dear child of the night? Much of it because of the accent that gives the song a very personal touch. I’d say it’s the thing that gives them most of the charm. The prone to be very melodic calls the attention as well. Maria “Diese” Doychinova does a very nice figure here. Her voice pleases a lot and its very versatile. Even though the implicit references to Iron Maiden musicwise Rampart sound sometimes get near to Mötley Crüe – I don’t know where did this come from, but whatever, it’s just a feeling – or near Metal Church as in the fast and heavy “Luftraum” a song that borders the Thrash Metal. By the way my fan, pay close attention on how the guitars behave on the riffing. It’s awesome. The thing that leads the band is the sonancy of the late 1980s when most bands were struggling to keep up with the new sounds that came from the early born Extreme Metal. First track “June 22nd” has the instrumentals with a strong taste of Judas Priest, however with Metal Church’s vocals mixed sometimes with Loudness. There are touches of the great Accept in tracks as “Entropy of Mind” and its insane guitar riffing and drumming. By the way, the gyuitar riffing in the album is fantastic as the fan can check it out in “Stormtalkers” and its fast riffing and pace changing. Just loved the mood that the track brings. Those evil laughs are really something. My congrats to the production guys. The album is pretty dang well produced.

“WWII: Memories for the Future” is an album that will please a lot all metallers. It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s very well performed with great guitars. The kind of album the fan will forget to mention label or genre. Now you do have another World War II reference. Ah, now Sabaton have a band to face them in terms of History quotes.

Rampart “WWII: Memories for the Future” was released on July 2nd via Sleaszy Rider Records.

Track Listing:

  1. June 22nd
  2. Napalm Stars
  3. Entropy of Mind
  4. Twice Occupied
  5. Luftraum
  6. Stormtalkers
  7. Wolfsrudel
  8. Overcast Omen
  9. Harleys in Berlin
  10. Black Sun
  11. Now We Are One

Watch “June 22nd” official video here: