RAVENFANGS Release New Single ‘Rage!!’

UK rock’n’roll quartet RAVENFANGS showcases the formation’s raw and pure approach to creating dynamic and energetic rock music through “RAGE!!” – the band’s latest, enraged and induced with the essence of the classic rock’n’roll atmosphere and attitude single! Outlined by musical components and elements that are required for the creation of an oldschool-influenced rock sound, including fast-paced, dynamic rhythm, despaired and frantically-delivered vocal lines and crude-centered production, “RAGE!!” accurately exposes and presents RAVENFANGS‘ ability to establish an unique music profile, which accurately represents the power of the true rock’n’roll attitude and sound with a modern approach!

You can check out the music video for the new single “RAGE!!” below.

Presenting the concept and missive behind “RAGE!!“, RAVENFANGS collectively shares: “This song is about being comfortable with who you are and the feelings we all face while growing up from youth to adults. Or it can be related to any age, as we all feel rage and love, no matter how young or old we are. It is all about embracing who you are and keep yourself truthful to you and your beliefs.”