Ravenlight – Immemorial Review

The first Symphonic Metal album of the year. The first of plenty for sure. I’m saying that for no reason. Just to break the ice.

Ok, now that we’ve talked about the zillion Symphonic Metal bands we’ve reviewed throught the years and the many more to come, I guess we’re here to say about the dissimilar traits Ravenlight with “Immemorial” have to offer my dear child of the night.

First of all the guitars. The guitars play an important role in Ravenlight’s music. They are strong, with great overtones, with flashy lines, and, most of all, prominent. It’s important to say that because it seems to some Symphonic Metal bands that the guitars aren’t important to their music giving the front seat to keyboards, orchestras and many other. No, sir, you’re flat wrong! Metal music requires, better yet, demands strong flashy distorted guitars. If not, it’s not Metal music. It’s something else. Well, for the band’s and our’s sake that doesn’t happen here. Of course, there are keyboards, but they are auxiliaries, not prominent.

Right, now the star of the show which is Rebecca Feeney’s voice. Needless to say that in a Symphonic Metal band the female vocals are the most important thing in the music. It couldn’t be diferent here. Ravenlight give Rebecca all the chances to bright very shiny and she does. The most important thing about her voice is that its not so affected as her peers. She doesn’t impose her voice or tries to be a soprano or the likes. She just uses her beautiful and efficient voice. Check “Paper Ships” out to get to know what I’m saying. Interesting guitar solo here as well. Following track “Rain” starts off with a great guitar line that gives the tone of the song. Notice that it’s possible to hear all guitars perfectly. My child of the night might feel that contrast I’ve been talking about between vocals and guitars which is my preferred thing about Symphonic Metal. Interestingly, John Connor – what? – plays all the guitars besides the keyboards. My dear child of the night would have the impression that there is one more guitar player as I did. Check the cool moody keyboard intro of “Spiral.”

Great time here.

Ravenlight “Immemorial” was released on January 27th.

Track Listing:

  1. Masque of Red Death
  2. Reflections
  3. The Painters Dream
  4. Spirit of Life
  5. Paper Ships
  6. Rain
  7. Spiral
  8. Left Behind
  9. The Maze
  10. Springtime Lament

Watch “Reflections” official music video here: