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Cycling betting

Betting on cycling online is an available option on betting sites. Although this sport is not very popular, betting on it has a number of advantages and features. For top cycling races, bookmakers offer, though not a wide, but very interesting list of sports bets. At the same time, the analysis of events is quite simple and understandable. Also in cycling are high odds and situations where the underdogs are ahead of the favorites.

Cycling bets can rightly be called atypical compared to other sports. Before you bet on cycling, you should find out how this atypicality manifests itself. There is no handicap in betting cycling, just like there is no total. The key ones are the odds on the total.

How to bet on cycling

Now, a little about strategies. Here are the main ones:

  • Bets on winners. In this strategy, you bet on events with low odds but high probability. If you win a bet on a bicycle race, you place the earned amount on a similar type of bet. And so repeat 4-5 times. After that, the amount of the next bet returns to the original one. Also, the amount of the bet is returned to the original amount if you lose the bet. This strategy is designed for the long term, but thanks to it, you risk losing a much smaller amount of money.
  • Dark horse betting. This live cycling betting tactic assumes that you are betting on the victory of an athlete on a stage or in a one-day event, where the favorites give some slack. The success of this strategy largely depends on your awareness. You need to read cycling news, find out information about injuries of favorites and lists of young shadow leaders.

Popular cycling bets

Want to know how to bet on cycling in Canada? There is a site Parimatch Canada for this. And now let’s take a closer look at the three most popular bets, as well as cycling betting tips:

Winning the multi-day is considered the most popular bet, because it offers the player a considerable choice. The fact is that more than 200 cyclists start at once in the races. At first glance, such a wide selection makes it too difficult to predict cycling. But really, very soon, a dozen main contenders emerge, who are leading the main fight for prizes. Many competitors increases the likelihood that a dark horse will shoot at specific stages and confuse the cards with the favorites.

Stage or One Day Win. This type of bet assumes that you bet on an athlete on one of the stages of a multi-day tour or in a one-day. In the stage race, the winner is most often an athlete from among the main favorites. In cycling betting of this type, players take risks more frequently, relying on high odds and a greater likelihood of surprise. Getting into the winners. This popular bet is interesting because you can win even if your favorite does not finish first. Enough to get to the top. What place he takes in the top three / five / top ten is no longer important. Of course, this bet offers significantly lower odds than the winner bet. That is why it is more profitable to bet several outsiders at once.