Reboot the System – The Fall Review

The news about the ChatGPT both amazed and scared the hell out of me. If my dear child of the night isn’t aware of ChatGPT is I’ll try to elucidate you. ChatGPT is a software that interacts in a conversational way with artifical inteligence, that means it ‘talks’ to you and is able to write complex texts as university essays and papers. This software has recently made a lot of fuzz when professors discovered that students were using it to write their papers. Amazing ou scaring? I say both of them. It’s amazing because it’s really interesting to see how far our civilization has got and it’s scaring for the same reasons. I’m no pessimist but I’m not the kind of person that sees raibows in the dark either, if you what I mean. I tend to be realistic most of the times. It’s not the weapon that kills, it’s the person who pulls the trigger. That’s an awful truth. The truth is that I’m really concerned on how this ChatGPT and its AI will be used. That’s really what scares the hell out of me. Humanity isn’t exactly known for its kind morals. That’s really the problem.

So, why am I writing about this? Is it in any way related to today’s band Reboot the System and their album “The Fall”? Well, yes and no.

When I took a look at the band’s name Reboot the System immediately it reminded me of ChatGPT. Maybe it’s the time to reboot the system. I mean globally. This sad and lonely and pathetic little planet can’t take it anymore. We’ve gone too far. Musically, Reboot the System didn’t go too far except for the lyrics. The first impression I got from album opener “Reboot the System” was the strong influence of Sepultura “Arise” era. The impression remained for all over “The Fall” but not as strong as it was at first. Here and there the band went adding some other influences as some blast beats and death growls. What remained untouched were the insane guitar riffs as grand finale “Left to Rot” tells us. By the way, the album has some intense guitars that make my dear child of the night want to reboot the system and listen to them all again and again – no pun intended. It’s interesting how some tracks as this “Left to Rot” bring the needed despair to the album. I sau needed to complete the main idea of the idea which is the lack of hope for the future.

Albums as “The Fall” make me think beyond its music. As I said I’m no pessimist but things aren’t alright, if myou know what I mean. Well, at least we’ve got Metal music to cheer us up a little while this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet burns.

Reboot the System “The Fall” will be independently released on March 03rd.

Track Listing:

  1. Reboot the System
  2. Beast of Prey
  3. The Truth That Lies Beneath
  4. Iniquity
  5. The Fall (feat. Björn Strid)
  6. Bloodshed (feat. Ronnie Nyman)
  7. Egotistical
  8. Hourglass
  9. Left to Rot

Watch “Reboot the System” official music video here: