Metal Records That Were Major Mess-Ups

Even our heroes mess up once in a while. There are albums bands would love to forget them, but as we have good memories, we’ll never let them forget. What is done, is done. The albums considered here are the ones which were a major selling failure or hardcore fans hated so much.

So, here are some records that were major mess-ups.

Kiss – “Unmasked” and “Carnival of Souls”

Back then “Unmasked” was considered one of the worst rock/metal albums ever recorded. Kiss also didn’t like it at all. Though time proved “Unmasked” wasn’t that bad and that things could get even worse when an album like “Carnival of Souls” come into light.

Queensrÿche – “Rage For Order”

Back in the 1980s, Queensrÿche made a lot od fuzz with their debut album. “Warning” was one of the best debut albums I’ve ever heard. The following would, of course, arise a lot of expectation, but “Rage For Order” was really something we can never tell. Critics hated it. I confess I only gave it a try a few years ago. Well, what I have to say is that critics were right. “Rage For Order” really sucks.

Savatage – “Fight for the Rock”

Savatage were an acclaimed band in the mid 1980s because of “Sirens” and “Power of the Night.” But Savatage changed directions into the big bucks as many of their peers that time and recorded a dreadful album. First track is okay, but the rest, my dear Metal child, such a waste of time.

Judas Priest – “Turbo”

In the mid 1980s, Judas Priest’s reputation was bigger than their bank accounts. As we all have to make a living, Rob Halford, K.K. Downing, Glenn Tipton and Ian Hill decided a change of hearts. It really was. For worst. As years went by, “Turbo” proved to be not that bad and the Priest finally could put some big dollars in their pockets. But “Turbo” remains as a major mess-up.

Celtic Frost – “Cold Lake”

This album is so unusual that I wrote an entire article to it. Read it here.

Iron Maiden – “Somewhere in Time”

I could include here the two albums recorded with Blaze Bayley, but I’ll stick to “Somewhere in Time” due to all the fuzz it caused back then. I really don’t think it is a bad album, but as we live in a democracy.

Metallica – “Load,” “Reload,” and everything after the “Black Album.”

No words at all.

No, I won’t post any video here!

Van Halen – “Van Halen III”

When Van Halen announced Gary Cherome as their lead singer, a lot of people thought it couldn’t go right. They were right.

Saxon – “Destiny”

Saxon tried hard with “Innocence Is No Excuse” and “Rock the Nations,” but with “Destiny” they got rock bottom. This album is so unpalatable that the best song of it is a Christopher Cross cover. Saxon still play it.

Viper – “Tem para todo mundo”

During the 1990s, all major power metal bands quoted them as a reference. Viper were a very respected band, especially in Japan where they recorded an alive album. But, only God knows why, they decided to record a pop album in Portuguese and cut the hair. The outcome is “Tem para todo mundo.” If you are a Viper fan, please skip this one.

Helloween – “Pink Bubbles Go Ape”

This is an album I don’t know why fans hate it so much. I do like it, but as we live in a democracy.

Guns n’ Roses – “Chinese Democracy”

The most expensive ever recorded as it costed about $ 13 million. Another issue with it is that it took about ten years to be done. I remember I heard it once, but I really can’t say a word about it because it left no impression at all.

P.S. – So sorry guys for making you suffer.