Redemption – Alive in Color Review

Alive albums are a tradition in Metal music and they are kind of mandatory too even though in those times of downloading and sharing music they lost a prt of their fascination. Fans prefer to watch the live videos on YouTube. Easier and with less overdubs. Internet technology has killed most of the passion and the fascination of them not only because it is easier to get the desired music. It’s also because you can share with all the world the video or show of your most beloved band. But, still, the alive album tradition outlives.

Here we have Redemption and “Alive in Color” a double CD (!?!) that shows a band very well connected and cohesive playing a Power Metal with touches of Symphonic and Thrash. well, for this alive album Redemption gathered a Metal xdream team with vocalist Tom S. Englund of Evergrey, the phenomenal rhythm section of Chris Quirarte (drums) and Sean  Andrews (bass), keyboard phenom Vikram Shankar, and additional guitar work from the legendary Chris Poland (Megadeth, OHM) and Simone Mularoni (DGM). If it’s not enough, the album includes Redemption’s live performance of the Megadeth classic ‘Peace Sells’ featuring Poland, believed to be the first time he performed that on stage in over 20 years).

“Alive in Color” opens up with the great guitar riffed “Noonday Devil” and goes on with a collection of Redemption’s the best of, what, of course, is expected in an alive album. Overdubs and mixing and special treats out, “Alive in Color” shows that alive albums are still atractive even to the millenia generation. Of course, the highlight of tha labum is when the band performs with Megadeth’s Chris Poland in “Indulge In Color” and the crème de la crème “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying,” Megadeth’s classic of their debut album. In fact, Redemption’s version doesn’t fall out too much from the original, which is a wise decision, if you ask me.

For a world with more alive albums and less fan’s recorded shows on Youtube.

Redemption “Alive in Color” was released on August 28th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro / Noonday Devil
  2. The Suffocating Silence
  3. The Echo Chamber
  4. Damaged
  5. Someone Else’s Problem
  6. Little Men
  7. Long Night’s Journey Into Day
  8. Threads (Feat. Ray Alder)
  9. Black & White World
  10. Indulge in Color (Feat. Chris Poland)
  11. Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying (Feat. Chris Poland)
  12. Walls
  13. Threads
  14. CD2-7 – The Fullness Of Time – Part 3 – Release (Live Bonus)

Watch “Indulge in Color” featuring Chris Poland official video here: