REJECT THE SICKNESS Announce New Album ‘While Our World Dissolves’ And Launch Single ‘Pillars Of Hope’

Two years after their second album The Weight Of Silence, Belgium’s REJECT THE SICKNESS returns with an album so mercilessly crushing and heavy that you have to experience it to believe it. 2019’s in-between EP The New Chapter already indicated that REJECT THE SICKNESS were travelling on a new path towards musical maturity. With While Our World Dissolves this journey has been completed with astonishing results exceeding the promise of the earlier EP.

While Our World Dissolves is a bulldozer recording with which REJECT THE SICKNESS definitely throws off the yoke of the metalcore tag. The nine songs firmly embrace the spirit of melodic death/thrash metal.

The band is also glad to announce their 3rd single “Pillars of Hope“. You can listen to the track and check out their lyrics video below.

The track has a groovy mid-tempo headbanging feel to it, yet it stays heavy as f*ck. The lyrics are about kids who need  to take care of their parents, because the adults are lost in alcohol and substance abuse. The Ep will be accompanied by a lyric video.

The production for which the band signed themselves is modern yet ageless at the same time. REJECT THE SICKNESS managed to combine a stream lined sound with songs that bathe in an enhanced heaviness and impact never before heard from this band. Even more jaw-dropping is the fact that REJECT THE SICKNESS’ trademark sense for memorable melody is preserved all the same.

So, brace yourself for REJECT THE SICKNESS’ quality attack of staccato riff-driven death/thrash. The songs work perfectly together as a unit and they all have their unique melodic signature to prevent the phantom of boredom staining the listening experience.