Repent – Condemned to Fail

At first you feel the strong taste of American Thrash Metal, more particularly Slayer and Anthrax. Then, after the guitar solo and some more seconds of opening track “Pride of Creation” you feel the strong urge to cite Metallica in that list. The more you listen to “Condemned to Fail” the more you feel that it pays the respect to all the big four of Thrash. By the way, I have to say the guitar solos in “Condemned to Fail” have a lot more to tell about Repent and their stories. They add the needed author dash in the songs and make songs with Repent’s facet. Well, it’s no big deal because Repent have been active since 1992. Twenty-seven years of career. Big thing, isn’t it?

There are some memorable moments in “Condemned to Fail” for sure and they are in tracks as “Hypocrite’s Tears” with its wall of sound in the beginning, with the inspired guitar solo and the voice that catches the moment and passes all the energy and emotion the song requires. “Mutalation Ritual” and its intricate guitars riffs is also a memorable track. It’s another song that tells a lot about Repent mostly because again vocalist Jürgen “Eumel” Aumann follows the tune and tries with to give it his own sense. The outcome is more anger and emotion together. Two things that the band really knows how to. One more highlight, the guitar duo in “Wimpreaper” which embellishes the beginning of the song to harden by the middle with great interventions.

I have a particular apreciation for veteran bands. Not only because they are the real deal, but also because of what they represent. Metal is a genre where veteran bands play an important role which is teach the young generations. Repent learned with the masters of Thrash and now they are teaching how it was to the young followers. “Condemned to Fail” is an album that tells a lot to us all. They deserve respect, my child of the night.

Repent “Condemned to Fail” was released on August 16th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Pride of Creation
  2. Progress Paradox
  3. Theo Crazy
  4. Hypocrite’s Tears
  5. Empires of Evil
  6. Mutilation Ritual
  7. Scientific Ideals
  8. Wimpreaper
  9. The Worst Is Yet to Come

Watch “Pride of Creation” official music video here: