Retro Video Game-Inspired Metal Duo COLOR CHEMISTRY Share New Single

Color Chemistry

“Synth Metal” might be the best way to describe Houston, TX duo COLOR CHEMISTRY, who mash up elements of progressive rock, symphonic metal and guitar riffs that sound like they’re from that 90’s era video game that you still dust off from time to time (by blowing air into the cartridge of course). Now, the band has released their sophomore album A Light Above, along with the single “The Great Nothing.”

‘The Great Nothing’ is a dramatic and dynamic single that reaches far and wide across our influences all into one song,” says vocalist/guitarist Garrett Turney. “The lyrics are dark, moody, and reflect a place of hopelessness that comes from allowing one’s self to fall too far into a state of negativity.”

COLOR CHEMISTRY formed in 2012 and went through many incarnations before keyboardist/bassist Robert Hitchcock joined the group in 2018 and the band decided to trim down to a two-piece. A Light Above marks their first full-length with the new lineup and sees the band exploring new musical territory.

Mastering engineer Chris Henderson says “COLOR CHEMISTRY can be described as an amalgamation of multiple genres and styles, each piece combined with intention and artistic flair, with the result being nothing short of pure genius.”

“Our new record is the soundtrack to the pursuit of new ideas and meaningful truth,” says Turney. “We take pride that our music is difficult to pin into a single genre; we find our message resonates with music consumers that are seeking something fresh and real.”

Listen to “The Great Nothing” on Spotify.