Return Of The Soul – Interlacing Of Worlds

Return of the Soul are trying one very interesting feature in “Interlacing Of Worlds” which is melding gutural and harsh vocals with clean ones. From where I’m standing I’ve always thought about this possibility and I guess Return of the Soul did pretty well due to all the contrast in building it that was erected here. Or as I keep saying here; the dialects of Metal which are all the contrast Metal music work with.

Return of the Soul are a band that work on the edge experimenting each limit Metal music has to offer. How so? As I said the band presents a miriad of vocal styles in “Interlacing Of Worlds” from the harsher to the sweeter which is really a great deal. In terms of instrumentals, Return of the Soul also bounces a lot having many samples of a great deal of Metal tendencies. In fact, “Era Novum” is not that inspiring with all the electronic effects which give the song a pop – I’m so sorry – aura. But soon in the following track “On Other Planets” things get in their right away. Despite the presence of many keyboardings, “On Other Planets” is dense and heavy with some inspiring guitar riffs and harsh vocals. The vocal duet in it is really amazing mixing the harsh voice with a sick one plus a sweet and kind which bridges to a nice, but short, guitar solo.

All ten tracks of “Interlacing Of Worlds” use and abuse of the keyboardings and electronic effects, but the thing is that they work fine constrasting with harsh and hard and heavy guitars, not to mention again the backs and forths of vocals. I guess that “Catatonia” is the track that represents “Interlacing Of Worlds” the most with all its ups and downs, and plot twists with a not so polished guitar riff which sounds a bit uncanny, and just because of it with a nice effect. By the way, the lyrical interplanetary and ethereal thematic of “Interlacing Of Worlds” is also a highlight. Metal bands are waking for the new reality of this sad, sick, lonely, and miserable planet.

Bottom line, if you are in the mood of a sick and uncanny album, though full of harmonies and melodies, Return of the Soul “Interlacing Of Worlds” is your thing. Ah, the album includes a cover of Paradise Lost’s “Honesty In Death.”

Return of the Soul “Interlacing Of Worlds” was released in 2019.

Track Listing:

  1. Era Novum
  2. On Other Planets
  3. Catatonia
  4. Interlacing of Worlds
  5. Waiting for the Dawn
  6. Until Heaven
  7. To Freedom
  8. You See the Light
  9. No One Will Notice
  10. Honesty In Death (Paradise Lost cover)

Watch “Catatonia” official lyric video here: