Bans STEEL PANTHER’s P**sy Melter For Offensive Imagery

Steel Panther

Glenn Fricker of Spectre Sound Studios reports that STEEL PANTHER‘s P**sy Melter pedal has been banned from the popular online music-gear market

The producer included screenshots from one of the sellers, who was informed that his listing was removed for containing “explicit/offensive imagery,” which is “not allowed on Reverb.”

The message reads:

“Our Listings Standards team has permanently suspended this to address the following:

“Explicit / Offensive Imagery: This type of image is not allowed on Reverb. Reverb is a fully inclusive international marketplace. We do our best to make sure all content on the site is accessible and appropriate for all audiences.

“No further action is needed at this time.”

The person who listed the pedal replied with:

“Guys, it’s a distortion pedal? Prefer me to list it as a P-Melter?”

The company replied:

“We understand what this pedal does. In this case, the imagery of the pedal itself is what we do not allow on the site. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to edit this one to keep on Reverb. We appreciate your understanding.”