Reverend Hound – Deal in Steel Review

From where I’m standing, it is no easy task to have an Old School Heavy Metal these days because the band ought to be extra creative as almost everything seems to have been done. We all know it is not exactly true, if you know what I mean. In fact, each band we receive here dedicated to the Old School if we free our minds of all biases we’ll realize there is plenty to be done. The golden era of Heavy Metal doesn’t have this name for a coincidence, so it’s fair to still have kids dedicated to playing it.

Reverend Hound with “Deal in Steel” realized with a great vocalist with a personal tone of voice it’s half way there. Wolfgang Gräbner has it and he proves us this all the time with great vocal performances all around the album. After all Metal music has always had great voices. It’s not only the technique, it’s also the heart and soul to develop one’s own style. Half way there again. Then grab some competent guitar players who know to make some noise without losing the prowness. Just the way Thomas Meyns and Sebastian Weinstock did here. Each guitar riff the duo plays is a way of showing there is much more out there. Pay close attention to the guitar sequence at “Seeds of Faith.” See how the duo alternates its interventions just the way many mights have done back then. When I hear a song as “Rain” I keep wondering where did it come from? My guess from all I have heard so far is that the mighty Saxon have a lot to do with it.

Bands as Reverend Hound prove us there is still so much to be done about Old School Heavy Metal. Just put your heart and soul in the right place and, voilà, it’s done. Of course, many will say it’s more of the same, but never care because what really counts is the music. Nothing else.

Reverend Hound “Deal in Steel” was released on May 24th via Metalizer Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Night
  2. Hounds of the Sea
  3. Days of Wrath
  4. Glory
  5. Seeds of Faith
  6. Rain
  7. Fallen Angels
  8. A Cry For Ligh

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