REVIEW: Monumentomb – Ritual Exhumation


RELEASE DATE: 05-05-14

Formed in the winter of 2013 and driven by a desire to unleash a storm of death metal that harnessed the fire and fury of the genre’s early glories, Monumentomb have arrived.

Their sound is infused with the hunger and energy you would expect from a new band, determined to make their mark on the scene, but marked by a competency and maturity that would normally be associated with a band honed and hardened by years on the road.

The abyssal songs on their debut release, ‘Ritual Exhumation’, combine overwhelming drum battery, savage riffing, lightning fast lead guitar work and an imperious vocal presence, but are also threaded through with memorable melodic touches and barbed hooks that are impossible to dislodge. Album highlights are numerous, but special mention must be given to ‘Perpetual Execution Torment’ which features an impressive guest vocal appearance from Chris Simmons of Wretched Soul.

Monumentomb are fronted by Byron Braidwood, a former member of Agonia Records recording artists Spearhead. Under the stage name Nephilim, Byron added his cultured six string venom to Spearhead’s ‘Deathless Steel Command’ and highly praised ‘Decrowning The Irenarch’ albums, as well as playing live alongside the likes of Urgehal and Impiety and at major European festivals. After gruelling and relentless rehearsal, Monumentomb have now begun taking their incendiary live performance to every shadowy corner of the UK, and are already stunning audiences with their furious assault. This is what death metal is all about.

This is the beginning of something special. This is Monumentomb…