Revocation – Great Is Our Sin

a1601683944_10  The whole weird thing that is technical death metal has its definite ups and downs much like every single genre and sub-genre of the world. I’ve been subjected to my fair share of each for the tech death style, but it is Revocation that definitely has to have taken the cake by far all things considered. With a discography that is nothing to scoff at and if nothing is laced with increasing levels of musicianship and awesomeness with each album, “Great Is Our Sin” is, at this point in time, Revocation’s great achievement bar none. The staggeringly ridiculous eleven tracks off this record show that this band is in the best shape of their career of to this point with wondrous crunches of the guitars mixing fabulously with the brutality that you find yourself surrounded by even upon your first glimpse of that expertly done cover art. The whole of “Great Is Our Sin” is a constant assault on the ears that is simply brimming with intensity coinciding with fierce technical works of the instruments thrown together with the uncompromising anger and hatred that comes seeping out of every single track be it in the form of a fiery riff or complex hand work on the fret board. Yet amongst all this improvement can be found something so simple and borderline elementary that it could be regarded as insignificant, but it carries a lot of weight in this scenario: the fact of Revocation having the ability to have a calm dip amidst blood drenched intensity and madness. It’s such a trivial thing, yet somehow Revocation manage to use that little skill to the absolute fullest and help make “Great Is Our Sin” not only a very enjoyable record, but a fairly dynamic one at that. It’s the simplicity mixes with intricate that makes every technical death metal album, but it’s Revocation that takes it to the max, and it’s with “Great Is Our Sin” that it’s taken to all new heights. In short for those of you who want short sentence answers, this album is the f**king s**t.

“Great Is Our Sin” releases on July 22nd! You can pre-order the album via iTunes here, and stream the track “Communion” on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Arbiters of the Apocalypse
  2. Theatre of Horror
  3. Monolithic Ignorance
  4. Crumbling Imperium
  5. Communion
  6. The Exaltation
  7. Profanum Vulgus
  8. Copernican Heresy
  9. Only the Spineless Survive
  10. Cleaving Giants of Ice
  11. Altar of Sacrifice