Revulsion – S/T Review

I respect a lot a band that started an album with an insane drum spanking as this Revulsion “S/T.” What drummer Atte Karppinen does here is totally unbelievable. His master control of the double bass technique and the way he spanks his kit is absolutely fantastic. It’s not just the way he does it in faster songs, but also in more cadenced tracks as “Mustaa Hiiltä” where he shows all his prowness. “Revulsion” proves to be one hell of release to all will-be, or wanna-be, drummers all over this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet. Not to be like my peers, I have to say a few words abut the ugly duckling of Metal instruments, that is, the bass. It sparked my attention that bass tones here in “Revulsion” are a bit unconventional and most unexpected weird that Iever also comes here that I’ve ever seen. Nonethless, they are also incredibly insane and with a tone that surprises due to its sonancy. The sound of could be described as a putrid carburator that fails in grasping for air and for fuel. Really don’t if millenials will understand this comparison, but it is what it is.

I’ve been looking for a proper term to describe the opposite of crescendo, but as I’ve failed miserably I’ll call it descendo – or in a descending mood or cadence. That’s what the fan feels like while listening to the tracks of “Revulsion.” Hold your horses, my dear child of the night, I don’t mean in quality. I mean in cadence and speed. Openind track “Last Echoes of Life” begins in such a mad way that the fan feels like somebody took the ground off him. The frentic drumming is so intense the feeling of the last echoes of ife gets real. The pungent and urgent attack of the guitars overwhelms as if it were a gigantic sea wave on a beach. As the album goes on, the urge and eagerness of Revulsion cools down to set calmer (?) sets and more cadence tracks. I guess only Brutal Death Metal and Grindcore bands step it up in all tracks. “Vimeinen Rituaali,” the last but not least track shows a different mood or a different facet of Revulsion. As I said before, it’s drummer Atte Karppinen who gets most of the credit and steal the scene. It’s not everyday that we see the drummer stealing the act in such way. But the man deserves it. He has the perfect domain of his sticks and drum kit doing whatever the hell he wants to.

It’s the first I say it, but “Revulsion” is for drummers and lovers of the art of spanking the drum kit. 

Revulsion S/T will be released on February 05th by Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Last Echoes of Life
  2. Pyre
  3. Walls
  4. Mustaa Hiiltä
  5. Lihaan Sidotuu
  6. Kirja
  7. Wastelands
  8. Unravel
  9. Silence
  10. Paws
  11. Vimeinen Rituaali

Watch “Pyre” official video here: