Rhapsody of Fire – Glory for Salvation Review

I have the urge to say to you “I told you so!”. But as I’m a gentleman I won’t. In two days I received two gigantic bands to review: Death Angel, whose review I’ve just posted and Rhapsody of Fire with their so expected album “Glory for Salvation.” I finished the other review saying that is getting harder and harder to nominate the best albums of the year. I really mean it as you my fan can see.

Rhapsody of Fire are a band that give me mixed amotions. I guess I say that evry time I review an album of them. But whatever. It’s a band that recall very dear moments when I ran into them more than twenty years ago. I just loved their explosive and very well-done mix of Power Metal and Prog Metal with hints of classical music mostly medieval or operas. When the bands nails it its impossible not to love them. However, when they don’t it’s almost impossible to listen to all the album. I mean, there is a right dose in this mix and it’s with few and very well put parts of classical music inside their shocking Power Metal. I remember an album that I almost slept. No, I’m not kidding. So sorry, Rhapsody of Fire fans – you know I’m one of you -, but it’s the unwanted truth. But remember I said that when they nail it the band is unbeatable. That’s exactly what happens to “Glory for Salvation.” The album is electrified. It’s energetic. It’s even nervous. The fan can feel the anger and the wrath wrapped with the right dose of classical music making it remarkable. Giacomo Voli’s voice is marvelous. It’s not only rarely tuned and perfect but, as I said, there’s a hint of anger and wrath that the fan feels and that makes it even more Metal. There are times in the album that Rhapsody of Fire forget all the virtuosity and play like mere mortals with all the power and glory soaked in the blood of the enemies – no Manowar intended here.

The album begins with the stricking “Son of Vengeance” a track that makes the fan reminds all the time that we’re talking a Power Metal band here. The track is powerful and makes the fan remembers all the glory of the band. I have to say that Rhapsody of Fire were very happy here managing the classical music influences they love with the Metal they do love as well. There combination they made here is just remarkable. “Eternal Snow” works as an intro to “Terial the Hawk” with some medieval flutes following a gentle tune. It’s the only moment in the album that the band cools off to burst into Folk Metal influence, a facete the band also loves and cherish. The vocal lines sometimes reminds the 1970s Prog Rock of bands as Queen and others.

In a nutshell, “Glory for Salvation” brings back the best and most inspired moments of Rhapsody of Fire with their sharp and proud guitars and pompous and grand songs. Just the way their fans – I’m one of them – will love.

I told you so! It’s getting harder and harder to choose the nominations.

Rhapsody of Fire “Glory for Salvation” will be released on November 26th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Son of Vengeance
  2. The Kingdom of Ice
  3. Glory for Salvation
  4. Eternal Snow
  5. Terial the Hawk
  6. Maid of the Secret Sand
  7. Abyss of Pain II
  8. Infinitae Gloriae
  9. Magic Signs
  10. I’ll Be Your Hero
  11. Chains of Destiny

Watch “Chains of Destiny” official music video here: