Rhapsody of Fire – The Eighth Mountain

Don’t mess with success. That’s the motto, or saying, that Rhapsody of Fire – former Rhapsody after all the embroglio about the name and legal issues – decided to live on. Rhapsody were a very important band in the 1990s to the development of Prog and Symphonic Metal. It’s undeniable. Sadly, the thing is that the band seems to have worn out the formula they have been using for all those years. Of course, the dudes are very competent in what they do and “The Eighth Mountain” is a very decent album in their intent. Another undeniable thing about Rhapsody of Fire is that they love what they do. Their music is pretty honest.

I confess that I met Rhapsody – their former band name until 2006 – in the middle of 1998 when a very dear friend of mine recorded a tape with bands from a magazine CD and gave me as birthday present. I went bananas with them and the emerging scene of European Metal bands. I just loved the mix between guitars, catchy chorus, epic cadence, and orchestral features. That time that kind of blend was in a certain way new. Of course, there were lots of bands that used those features, but not so determined. But let’s go to the new album, shall we?

“The Eighth Mountain” strictly follows the successful formula. First track “Abyss of Pain” is a blast the way Rhapsody love with catchy choruses, faster than light double bass drumming, energetic riffing and a very competent vocalist. There are twelve tracks in “The Eighth Mountain” which are great samples of Rhapsody of Fire firm intent and dedication to Metal and classical music. Some tracks are of a so touching beauty as “Warrior Heart” with a renascence flute harmony that is simply wonderful. choruses are powerful the way they love them.

“The Eighth Mountain” is a great album for a hardcore fan. Other fans will even love  it if they won’t care to listen to one more album of Rhapsody of Fire, if you know what I mean.

Rhapsody of Fire “The Eighth Mountain” was released on February 22nd via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Abyss of Pain
  2. Seven Heroic Deeds
  3. Master of Peace
  4. Rain of Fury
  5. White Wizard
  6. Warrior Heart
  7. The Courage to Forgive
  8. March Against the Tyrant
  9. Clash of Times
  10. The Legend Goes on
  11. The Wind, The Rain and The Moon
  12. Tales of a Hero’s Fate

Watch “Rain of Fury” official video here: