RHEGIA Drops New Music Video For The Song ‘Shadow Warrior’


Gathering attention wherever they go, the northeastern Brazilian band RHEGIA has released their first official music video. “Shadow Warrior” is brought to life through images recorded during the band’s last live concert, that happened in Belém – PA, Brazil on the last november 3rd.

RHEGIA is a supergroup formed by well known musicians from the state of Pará, and together they are bringing forth a saga of news and exclusive informations from their new work. One of the first actions taken by Saulo Caraveo (guitars), Moadias Branco (vocals), Igor De Nardi (guitars) and Ilvan Pimenta (bass), was to formulate a concept for the songs that would be recorded by the band. Inspired by Brazilian folklore, the band sings about subjects related to characters that symbolize the Amazon Rainforest region, mixing reality and myth together in a work full of virtuosity, feelings and riffs.

The song “Shadow Warrior” talks about legends of native warriors from the Amazon Rainforest, being the warrior Raoni the main focus of the song. Raoni is considered the Lord of War, who fights for the conservation of the native culture and against the deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest.

The band’s first album is being worked at on maximum speed and almost all songs have already been recorded and edited. The band is only waiting to complete some finishing touches and the official master so they can officially announce the record’s release date.

RHEGIA is composed by:

Moadias Branco – vocals
Saulo Caraveo – guitars
Igor De Nardi – guitars
Ilvan Pimenta – bass