RHEGIA Release New Music Video For ‘The March’


After officially releasing the physical version of their debut record “Shadow Warrior,RHEGIA is proud to present the newest music video from their young, yet genial and impactful history that is being solidified inside Brazil’s Heavy Metal scene.

One of the most epic songs from the record, “The March” has received a flawless production, and shows the band during a live performance on their special concert for the release of their record, which took place in the city of Belém do Pará.

Check out the video for “The March”:

It is worth noting that RHEGIA features in their lyrics subjects about the native folklore from Amazonia. The band, that is composed by a team of well respected musicians from the state of Para, does not hide their roots on their debut album. The record tells tribal tales and legend that, to this day, are a part of the culture of the people who live in and around the Amazonian Rainforest.