Riexhumation – The Final Revelation of Abaddon Review

Intros are really something apart from the album. In general, they follow a very different path of the total album. I really don’t know the criteria bands explore or what they wish to express with some intros, but they really are something to be analysed apart from the album altogether. Metal music explores this outstanding feature with mastery. There are remarkable intros in the history of Metal music that are really something aside. The one that pops up straight ahead is the intro to 1981’s Demon “Night of the Demon” which is the roleplaying of an alleged black mass. Much heavier than the music performed by the band at that time. Fun fact is that intros mostly are purely  and simply named intro or, on the other hand, have the fanciest name possible. The case here goes under the first rule. It’s simply called intro and it is a song apart from “The Final Revelation of Abaddon” with its ethereal and space mooding. Pretty far from the Brutal Death Metal Riexhumation deliver here.

I said Brutal Death Metal to explain the music Riexhumation deliver here. Well, I guess this isn’t the most accurate expression of what the band does here. “The Final Revelation of Abaddon” is mostly Brutal Death Metal. However, it’s not the main drive of it. There are some layers of space and ethereal effects throughout the album. Here and there the band gives some rest to the wicked and slows down the pace as they do in “Ascension XIV” and its moody guitar solo in the end. The typical mood would be the insane vocals and blast beats as in the beginning of following track “The Vectorcvlt,” a typical Death Metal bloodshed and carnage. It seems to me that Riexhumation use and abuse of the breaks inside the songs as they do them all the time. In the last, but not least, track “Triumph of Perfect Darkness” the band inverts and subverts their own rule by kicking off with a moody intro with strummings full of chorus effect to burst into a paranoic and insane cadence. Crazed guitar solos with the speed-of-light drumming. The drums tone here sound like some tin foil or something else. Particularly not the kind of tone I like the drums. However the tones changes from water to wine in a blink of an eye and the moody and spacy atmosphere comes again. That’s another feature Riexhumation do use a lot in “The Final Revelation of Abaddon.”

Here we’ve got a Death Metal album that on one hand reinforces all the clichès – not in the bad sense of the word, okay? – of the style and, on the other hand, introduces other creative features that allow the band to print their own watermark. Enjoy it, my child of the night.

Riexhumation “The Final Revelation of Abaddon” was released on May 28th via Lavadome Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Inbreeding a Final Form in the Flesh
  3. Take the Throne of Enlil
  4. Conflagration Mantra
  5. Manifestation of the Horned-Head Presence
  6. Ascension XIV
  7. The Vectorcvlt
  8. Embrace Nihility
  9. Triumph of Perfect Darkness

Watch “The Vectorcvlt” official video here: