RIMFROST To Release ‘Expedition: Darkness’ Album In October


Swedish Black/Death Metal outfit RIMFROST will be releasing their fourth full-length album on October 18th.

Expedition: Darkness is being released via Ferocious Records and is heavily inspired by the horror movie genre.

“With this album we wanted to think outside the typical black metal box we’ve been put in and infuse even more of our own influences, both regarding music and our love for horror” says Khratos of RIMFROST.

RIMFROST’s debut LP A Frozen World Unknown was released in 2006 to widespread critical acclaim. That album has been called “the best IMMORTAL album since The Heart Of Winter. It gained the attention of renowned label Season of Mist who released their follow up, Veraldar Nagli, in late 2009. A self-titled effort was released in 2015 by Non Serviam.

RIMFROST drummer Trollv comments: “The heavy metal spirit is more prominent as well, in our eyes the hardest, toughest kind of metal you can get, with a mix of Black and Death Metal. We tried a couple of new things and we think it turned out f*****g amazing!”

Expedition: Darkness track listing:

01. Rising Of A Black Dawn
02. Damned Jaws
03. Sam-Hain
04. Dawnbreaker
05. Expedition: Darkness
06. Voorhees
07. Bloodnight
08. Natten
09. At The Blessing Of The Damned

Rimfrost Expedition: Darkness
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