RINGS OF SATURN Accused Of Stealing Riff From WE ARE THE END

Rings Of Saturn
Photo credit: Brian Delumpa

RINGS OF SATURN have been accused for using several song ideas originally composed by the band WE ARE THE END in their new single “The Husk.”

RINGS OF SATURN guitarist Lucas Mann and their former guitarist Miles Dimitri Baker were both in WE ARE THE END for a brief period of several months back in 2014.

During that time WE ARE THE END guitarist Brandyn Love allegedly showed Mann several riffs for song ideas.

WE ARE THE END commented on the song:

“Everyone please be sure to congratulate Lucas Mann on his new song “THE HUSK” that he stole from us & put on the new Rings of Saturn album.
Lucas you’re a bitch!!!
But it brings us joy to be such an influence.
The song you stole is light years ahead of what we taught you back in 2014 when you & Miles Dimitri Baker were apart of our project. We’re not even mad just disappointed that a musician of your caliber would be so desperate & ruin our gold with your turd video game noise.”

You can hear songs comparison below.