Riot City – Electric Elite Review

Some days ago I said that this year had been fantastic in terms of having the opportunity to witness the evolution of some bands that we had the chance of reviewing here. In those six years, we had bands that debuted their careers here and for everybody’s sake they’re still hitting hard alive and kicking. Riot City are one of them. Three years ago we had the honor of having their debut album “Burn the Night” to review and witness their pure flame and passion for Metal. The thing that amazed me the most was their passion and the heart they had for Metal music. The story is the same here with “Electric Elite” no more, no less.

“Electric Elite” is Speed Metal at its best. But a Speed Metal that combines lots of melody on vocals and on guitars. Something like an Iron Maiden at 200 mph if you know what I mean. Picture the twin guitars with a high pitched vocal and lots of melody and heart and soul. Voilà! That’s what my dear fan will find here in “Electric Elite” with an amazing production as well that values a lot the music. For many this album might be just more of the same but for me it’s life. It’s Metal essence. It’s the power and the glory. The guitar duel in “Tyrant” made me remember the incredible Tokyo Blade. By the way, there is a lot of Tokyo Blade in here if you ask me.

Album opener “Eyes of the Jaguar” hits like a rock into glass. It shatters all around with its killing guitar riffing and faster than light drumming intertwined with melodic harsh vocals and shapr guitar duos. The kind of song to never forget. Following track “Beyond the Stars” presents the technical abilty of the neat and well-rehearsed guitar duo Cale Savy and Roldan Reimer who destroy with striking guitar interventions and twin guitars in duels. For guitar lovers which I guess all Metal fans are. Trivial? Well, maybe, but so well performed that makes me wonder if what really counts is the originallity or the heart. When it’s possible I’d rather go with both, but heart counts a lot, doesn’t it?

Ok, Riot City aren’t the most original band ever. But what they do here is simply wondrous. No words for all the heart and passion these kids pass here. We, metallers, are the ones who can have our shares of both technique and heart. From where I’m standing Riot City and “Electric Elite” are not only promise but reality.

Riot City “Electric Elite” will be released on October 14th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Eye of the Jaguar
  2. Beyond the Stars
  3. Tyrant
  4. Ghost of Reality
  5. Return of the Force
  6. Paris Nights
  7. Lucky Diamond
  8. Severed Ties

Watch “Eyes of the Jaguar” official video here: