Ripped to Shreds – Demon Scriptures

Ah, the good old dirty and noisy Extreme Metal. It’s been some time we all miss you a lot. But fear not, Ripped to Shreds with “Demon Scriptures” are here to show you that what is really good never dies. “Demon Scriptures” is fast, noisy, inconvenient, and for those reasons a formidable album with all its speed and distortion. Besides all that, Ripped to Shreds also provide the fan a very polished and inspired instrumental as in tracks like “Sun Moon Holy Cult Part 1” the last, but not the least.

Ripped to Shreds “Demon Scriptures” is an EP album with only four tracks. Ok, one of the tracks is more than ten minutes long, but the others are very smaller, but it does make it possible to trace a few comments about it. As I wrote before, “Demon Scriptures” is a dirty and noisy album, and that’s its most desirable feature. “In Mourning” is a blast into your ears with its frenetic pace and sharp and polished guitar interventions. A track that makes all old school Extreme Metallers proud. There’s no concession to any kind of sweet melodies or kind reminders. The same goes with the shortest, but noisiest “Pseudoelixir” which sounds much more of a grindocre grip than anything else. Third track  “Nine Familial Exterminations,” besides the sweet and inspiring name, is also a blast, but it steps down a little on speed showing that Ripped to Shreds are ready for more to come. As I said, “Demon Scriptures” is dirty and noisy. Then comes the last, but not least, fourth track “Sun Moon Holy Cult Part 1” which is a real plot twist to the band and to the album because everything changes the speed, the length, the noise, etc and etc. “Sun Moon Holy Cult Part 1” proves that Ripped to Shreds have feelings – funny to say that, isn’t it?

In “Sun Moon Holy Cult Part 1” Ripped to Shreds assume a gloomier facete that takes away all the monolythical intent of the album. But pay attention, I said gloomier, not sweeter. In fact, “Sun Moon Holy Cult Part 1” is the heaviest track in all “Demon Scriptures.” It is a track that makes the unadvised feels the thrills and go gray. It gives the chills throughout one’s spine. It’s doomy pace soon gives room to what Ripped to Shreds do best and this is noise. But it assumes a different kind of noise and aggression. “Sun Moon Holy Cult Part 1” shows a band that can create exciting moods into a song. The last two minutes are of an instrumental blow up. That’s it.

“Demon Scriptures” is an album with that feeling of something more.

Ripped to Shreds “Demon Scriptures” was released on June 14th via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. In Mourning
  2. Pseudoelixir
  3. Nine Familial Exterminations
  4. Sun Moon Holy Cult Part 1

Watch “Demon Scriptures” EP here: