Formed from the ashes of a Hard Rock band in 2016, founding members and partners in crime, Alex Carter & Nikhil Hathi embarked on a journey to find the perfect second half of the band. After teaming up with drummer, Josh Reddington, the three musicians went through a revolving door of bass players.

Until 2019 – The year when bassist, Connor McNulty was recruited to complete the perfect, consistent line-up for a new Metal project, Riptide Messiah. Throughout 2019, Riptide Messiah had an active, consistent gigging life. Although being born and bred in Merseyside, Manchester also became a hotspot of a city for regular performances. Whilst gigging and drip-feeding singles to the public, Riptide Messiah have built a following in their hometown of Wirral and in Manchester: where a huge Metal scene thrives, thanks to the “0161 Manchester Underground Metal Community”.

Throughout the setbacks of the 2020 pandemic, taking every hit, on the 31st January 2021, Riptide Messiah proudly released their EP entitled “MMXX.” Featuring lyrics tackling major flaws of today’s society such as racism, homelessness, domestic abuse, and more. Throughout the recording process, the band successfully captured their trademark sound of heavy, meticulous, melodic guitar riffs and gruff, aggressive vocals, featuring the powerhouse rhythm section. Along with aggressive tracks such as “Still Human” and “Wings of the Hallowed,” this EP features the band’s crowning glory, “Bridge of Solace,” a song with utmost emotion poured in from the band.

With a record that has been influenced by bands such as Iron Maiden, Alice In Chains, Alter Bridge, Coheed And Cambria, Type O Negative and more, it has a classic sound with a modern edge with a variety of textures to suit any taste of heavy, guitar-driven music. From aggressive anthems to atmospheric soundscapes, there is something for everyone in this record.

Band Line-up:
Lead Vocals/Guitar – Nikhil Hathi
Guitar – Alex Carter
Drums – Josh Reddington
Bass – Connor McNulty

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