Ritualizer – Blood Oaths

This year has been blessed with great and exciting Old School Heavy Metal bands. We’ve received lots of them and each one was a particular surprise and pleasure. It’s amazing to see that the new generation pays the needed respect to the masters. By the way, that’s one of the most beloved and important characteristics of Heavy metal as a musical genre. In general, new bands are created to honor their masters, the new generation pays homage and respect to all the bands they respect and love. Healthy, very healthy becauseMetal  is a passion. Metal is a way of life. If it weren’t for Metal, I would have lived my life in a completely different way. And I would be sadder than I am now. I have no doubt.

Media and fashion lovers say that music has changed and there’s nothing to do with it except ambrace the change. I say the hell with all you people! Of course, there is another way, or ways, one of them is stick to your true passion, hold on with the true music that Metal represents. Of course, time changes. Movement is a law of nature. But absolutely there is nothing on holding on with old music that warms our hearts.

Ritualizer and “Blood Oaths” are heartwarming features of this world of Heavy Metal music that we love so much. Ritualizer are a female fronted band with the all great features that come with them. PJ Berlinghof is a hell of a singer with a very resourceful voice that embellishes everything she touches. In this particular case the three songs that “Blood Oaths” proudly contains. The “witch’s voice” she does during the tracks is unbelievable. Of course, the competent and resourceful instrumentals are unique and make a lot of difference too. “Blood Oaths” is only made of three songs, but they are absolutely worth it. The intro riffing of “Haunted” pays a deserved homage – intentional or not – to the great, and unfortunately unsung, Cirith Ungol.

Ritualizer “Blood Oaths” was reelased in 2018.

Track Listing:

  1. Blood Oaths
  2. Haunted
  3. Night Terrors

Watch “Blood Oaths” official lyric video here: