ROB HALFORD: Being Gay Is Not A Choice, It’s In Your DNA

Rob Halford

JUDAS PRIEST singer Rob Halford has shot down the suggestion that being gay is something that can be chosen, insisting that sexual orientation is a product of “nature” rather than “nurture.”

Halford came out as a homosexual during an MTV interview in 1998.

When asked in a new interview with KNAC.COM what he has to say to people that say that being gay is a choice and not something that you are born with, Halford responded: “Absolutely rubbish. You are born with it. Different people like me get murdered in front of buildings. Why would I choose to be that kind of a person? It’s ridiculous.

Halford continued: “It’s great to be gay. It’s wonderful to be gay because there are so many conflicting views about this particular thing that we have today. But I can say categorically that it’s not a choice. It’s a fact. It’s in your DNA. It’s something that you’re born and blessed with, and I’ll say God made me this way. Thank you.”

Halford released his autobiography, “Confess,” on September 29 via Hachette Books.