ROB HALFORD Says ‘GLENN TIPTON Is And Always Will Be A Fully Integrated Member Of JUDAS PRIEST’

Rob Halford

During a recent appearance on “Talk Is Jericho,” Rob Halford said that JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Glenn Tipton “will always be a fully integrated member” of the band.

Tipton announced his retirement from touring in February 2018 after revealing his unfortunate diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. He passed on the torch to the producer of the Firepower album, Andy Sneap.

When asked for an update on Tipton‘s health, Halford now said: “He’s been dealing with Parkinson’s for a long, long time. He had it forever, and he didn’t even know he got it until they began all these trials and tests. And they said, ‘You know this started in body so many years ago.’ I’m, like, God, I can’t believe that he was still able to go out and work. It’s a horrible, horrible, cruel thing for anybody to have to deal with. And so Glenn‘s still bravely battling on.

Glenn is and always will be a fully integrated member of PRIEST. He’s back in the U.K. now probably riffing. He’s still able to play the guitar, and he’s still writing music. And his name will be all over the next bunch of PRIEST songs when we finally get back into the world of being able to write and record again for some more sessions.

“We’ve got this Glenn Tipton Foundation, and our beautiful fans around the world have already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, which goes to research,” Rob continued. “You can do that by going to any PRIEST socials and finding the connection — if it’s a dollar, whatever, anything, penny, whatever.

“We also put the bike out in front of the show for everybody to sit on, put a buck into the pot, ten bucks into the pot, whatever. We’re always raising cash, ’cause with anything like this, whether it’s Parkinson’s, cancer, whatever, there’s never enough money to fund research. So it’s all good.”