ROBB FLYNN Now Responds To EDSEL DOPE; Tries To Act Mature

Machine Head Dope

Earlier this week, MACHINE HEAD frontman Robb Flynn discussed the lyrical similarity between his band’s new song “Do Or Die”, which features the line “Die, Motherf*cker, Die,” and DOPE‘s 2001 song “Die MF Die.”

In the same post, he finished asking the question, “Who the f*ck listens to DOPE!!??”

A day later, Flynn also shared an Instagram photo of a fan who showed up to a MACHINE HEAD meet-and-greet wearing a DOPE t-shirt. He posted the following caption: “This was funny… today’s meet & greet. I asked her to name a song… she couldn’t”

Yesterday, DOPE frontman Edsel Dope took to social media where he made a pretty classy mature statement, and also noted that DOPE has more listeners than MACHINE HEAD on Spotify.

Now, Flynn again took to his Instagram where he says that he holds nothing against DOPE and furthermore inviting Edsel to join him onstage to perform “Do or Die” with them.

His entire statement can be read below:

“Hey Edsel,⠀

“Saw your response. ⠀

“Thanks for the compliments. ⠀
Spotify stats…? Hey, I stand corrected. Apparently there’s a lot of motherf*ckers still listening to DOPE out there. ⠀

“Good for you man.⠀

“Though disturbingly CrazyTown’s “Butterfly” has us both beat, but I digress.⠀

“Got nothing against DOPE at all. Not trying to sound like a douche here, (our bands have not intersected in decades), but I literally didn’t know that you guys were a band anymore. So when your fans started spamming our Facebook / Insta feed about our new song ripping you guys off, I was like huh…?⠀

“I actually have fond memories of you and I doing enormous amounts of c*caine on my bus in Oklahoma at some radio show back in 1999 and having a wildly coked-out conversation about doing a tour together that never materialized. In fact I just ran into your former(current? now in MISFITS) guitar player Acey at the SLIPKNOT show and he invited all of us into the MISFITS.⠀

I have a pretty dark sense of humor, I was literally laughing hysterically when I wrote the first thing that I wrote. Trolling the trolls if you will. It wasn’t aimed at you or even Dope. The second photo of the girl I thought was just cute, and was my way of saying “hey good one”, or, “ya got me!”.⠀

That your band is still on tour and doing well 20 years later is f*cking awesome Edsel. As someone who knows the challenges of sticking it out this long in the music business, I’m happy for you. ⠀

I’ll take this moment right now to extend the olive branch to you and your band, that any MACHINE HEAD show coming up anywhere in the world, that you guys want to come and hang at, you are welcome to. Have some beers, vodka, champagne, whatever (I’ll have to pass on the c*caine?) just say the word, and I’ll make it happen. Maybe you could even come up and sing the “Do Or Die” with us. ⠀

“Totally understand if you want to pass in light of everything, but the offer stands.⠀

“Peace and love bro⠀