ROBERT PLANT Calls LED ZEPPELIN Reunion Offer Story ‘Rubbish’


According to The Pulse Of Radio, Robert Plant has dismissed as untrue the story that he nixed a potential $800 million tour contract for a LED ZEPPELIN reunion trek. A spokesperson for Plant issued a one-word statement from Plant regarding the story, and presumably the offer, deeming it “rubbish.” Either way, keeping ZEPPELIN in the news is surely good for sale of the latest Jimmy Page-remastered editions of 1971’s “Led Zeppelin IV” and 1973’s “Houses Of The Holy” have just been released with previously unreleased audio content in a variety of packages — including a limited-edition “Super Deluxe” box set.

Jimmy Page told The Pulse Of Radio that he was aware immediately that ZEPPELIN was breaking new ground on not only a musical level — but on how music was actually created. “We knew that we were doing work — we knew it was substantial because it wasn’t like anybody… what anybody else was doing. So, then it has a substance to it and it’s radical, purely because of that level. As far as the sort of counterpoint of the four musicians playing together ands the sum total of that, or even the alchemy of it, that basically is what the magical aspect of LED ZEPPELIN is, I believe.”

Plant has arguably been the lone holdout for another LED ZEPPELIN reunion. Despite promoter-led attempts to get the band to reform for a series of concerts, Plant remains committed to his new musical direction in the roots and blues-based “Americana” field.

“I hate to say it, but it felt young,” Plant told The Pulse Of Radio. “It felt like I didn’t know what was going to happen next, and it didn’t really matter — and that was the great thing. I know the songs that I like and the songs that I always attach myself to have been of a certain genre, if they’re not self-penned. And I was in very good company with people who had a very familiar lean in the same direction.”

Source: Blabbermouth