Rock Stars and Casinos

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If we talk about the image of a world-class rock star, we can say that it is quite stereotypical. Many people believe, especially those who have no particular interest in rock music, that rockers usually wear leather suits with rivets, stylish boots, with a long beard and hair, with a can of beer in their hands and a cigar in their mouth, and play exclusively one-armed bandits. Not the best image, is it?

You just need to search for information on the Internet to dispel this myth about the image of a rock star. Casinos, especially online virtual casinos such as, are particularly in demand among rock stars, because rockers are fans of social gatherings. More often, rock stars can be seen playing poker. Despite its simplicity, in order to play poker you need to have good intelligence and nerves. To date, casinos and poker clubs with the development of Internet technologies have become popular online casinos that offer their customers two types of famous game of poker – poker with a dealer and poker with real partners in online mode. Having at hand all possible means of communication, such as voice and video communication, this game is almost a realist situation.

There are many rock stars who want to spend a lot of their free time at the online poker table. In most cases, they play with amateurs where bets are small. Although there are exceptions. For example, Sully Erna, the vocalist and songwriter of the rock band Godsmack has been interested in poker for a long time. He is famous for looking at losing as an invaluable experience and learned a lot from his colleagues in the game. Sully Erna took part in the World Series of Poker several times, in the World Poker Championship, which was held in Las Vegas, and each time he took decent places. But the fact that he was not afraid to play with poker sharks speaks to his abilities in relation to this game.

Another poker fan is the famous leader of the Bon Jovi group – Jon Bon Jovi.

Although he rarely plays virtual poker, preferring to play with real partners, he favors casinos in Atlantic City from all the famous casinos and poker clubs. From all of the above, we can see that rock stars prefer poker, although they can sometimes allow themselves to play in the casino online.

Talking about casinos and rock stars, it is impossible to ignore the legendary band Deep Purple and its immortal hit “Smoke on the water”. Many don’t know that it is sung about casinos, not even realizing that the song describes real facts. This story happened in 1971, when the band had to start recording a new album. They signed an agreement with the owner of the casino Montreux, the interior of this casino was made according to a very original style: the ceiling was made of bamboo. Before the recording, there was a concert by the band The Mothers of Invention and a fire broke out during the performance. Apparently, one of the ardent fans of the rock group fired a crack at the ceiling, which caused the bamboo ceiling to flare up like a match at one moment. Fortunately, there were no deaths, thanks to the efforts of Claude Nobs, the head of the festival. He promptly organized the evacuation of visitors, musicians and everyone managed to escape, however the casino was less fortunate, the building almost burned down. The Deep Purple group stayed in one of the hotels, from the window of which this fire was clearly visible, and a column of black smoke hung over Lake Geneva. The recording of the album itself had to be postponed due to the fire, but this pause added a new super hit to the album, which became the hallmark of the Deep Purple band. As they say, it would be happiness, but misfortune helped create a new world hit. We can tell a lot of stories about rock stars associated with casinos. For example, take the famous rock band Iron Maiden. The first performance of this group in the USA took place in Las Vegas at the largest and most visited casino at that time, Aladdin. Besides, Iron Maiden were not the first star guests of this casino. Here, the wedding of the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley once took place. Nowadays, there is no such casino with such a name in sight. Instead, the most chic and popular casino in Las Vegas opened, with the name “Planet Hollywood”.

Virtual casinos continue to operate to please many fans to try their luck. Although it used to be prestigious to go to the casino, and stars used it to warm up interest in their person, today, land based casinos are no longer so popular due to many prohibitions made by authorities. Lately, virtual casinos have become more popular with rock stars and movie theater stars. This is because they don’t prefer any unnecessary hype around their person, but prefer quiet and cozy places. Virtual casinos give you the same opportunities to play the same roulette, poker, but without video cameras and without annoying fans who try to get your autograph or take a picture with them.

There are no extra eyes behind your back that follow your every bet or your loss or win. And the decency of gambling in a virtual casino is guaranteed by excellent software, which is periodically checked by special organizations. From this we conclude that the days when rock stars and gambling establishments were inseparable concepts have sunk into oblivion. At the moment, with online casinos replacing usual casinos, you no longer know who is playing with you under one or another pseudonym. It may be one of your idols, but they remain incognito for you.