Rock Twice – Rock Twice Review

Here we’ve got an album firmly based on 1970 and early 1980 Hard Rock and a little of Metal. The great opening is with “Hellfire” which the piano lines remind a lot some Symphonic Metal band, of course, for the good. It also has a Folk punch with a silent and subtle bagpipe sound. Saying some more of it, “Helfire” has a great taste of Rainbow as well. In fact, the track has so many facets that make it very, but very interesting. I dare to say the most interesting of the album. It really is a great opening specially considering the amazing, and very personal voice of Gina Johnson with a touch of the 1970’s soul. The girl nails it. In fact, “Rock Twice” has many touches of early Judas Priest from “Sad Wings of Destiny” era with lots of pianos and slow tunes. 

In fact, “Rock Twice” can be divided into these two facets the soul of the 1970s and the early Judas Priest grip. Sometimes the band mixes both and the result is pretty interesting. The cover of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” tells pretty much about it. Following track “Want Your Soul” has a certain taste of something that I’ve heard before, but the track is good. Ah, for the record, it reminds me of Transvision Vamp “I want your love.” I guess it’s because of the chorus. 

“Rock Twice” is a good revival of the music of the late 1970s and early 1980s. More than that, they were able to refresh it giving it some touches of modernity. A track “Your Second Life” sounds just like this with Gina Johnson changing places with Ulli Zett, I guess – there’s no reference of it, It’s just a wild guess. In fact, most modern touches are given by the aforementioned touches of Folk and Symphonic, but the real grip of the band is the retro one. No doubt about it.

Rock Twice “Rock Twice” was be released on January 25th via Livin’ Music/MSP.

Track Listing:

  1. Hellfire
  2. World Skate Day
  3. Fake News
  4. Your Second Life
  5. That’s Not You
  6. Little Soul
  7. Easaly
  8. Eleanor Rigby
  9. Want Your Soul
  10. Always Right
  11. Evry Evry Song
  12. World Skate Day (Abbey Road Version)

Watch “Hellfire” official video here: